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Da bery beginning – Coming home

September 23, 2010

Hi Pals bof two leg & four & welly cool peoples who use wheels like Diva’s mum 🙂

I is Charlotte Bergin, I is also called Charshy, Charlotte Von Scrufty Rufty Bergin, Scrufty, lots of names but dey all started one day just ober two years ago….

I was in a cage wif 2 ober puppies, a boxer cross & a doxie cross, dey did lots ob barks when people came in to shop to look at all da baby puppies like me.

I was 14 weeks old & had been the last of my litter to be sold, I was born on the 7th of December & it was late March, about the 21st when 2 hoomins walked in the door.

Dey walked right up to my cage & de ober 2 pups did run up & jump & bark, saying get me out, we is lonely, we need hoomins. I did come up too but not jump & bark but watched dem. Den all da hoomins did talk & da shop hoomin came ober & opened my cage & lifted me out. I was cuddled by some gentle hands wif a squishy, cuddle hug that warmed me right up. 

Da ober lady hoomin den held me then & the 1st hoomin looked at my face & nuzzled me, it was luberly & I licked her. She went awwww & did rub behind my ears.

I was held by the 1st lady hoomin again & all da hoomins did talk in hoomin talk. Den da 2 hoomin ladies talked to me & da 2nd hoomin said she is a little lady I fink she be called Charlotte & da 1st hoomin said ‘perfect, Hi Charlotte’ & tickled me under da chin & under my ears. Was a gwat tickle.

I was neba put down again in my cage, dey stayed holding me & got some stuff like a collar & put dat on me, toys & a bed & den the 2nd lady hoomin did hold me while the 1st hoomin who did nuzzles gibbed lots of foldy money to the shop hoomin. 

Den I was cuddled by the 1st hoomin & we walked out da shop with the 2nd hoomin.

I was outside for da first time in about 7 weeks. The sun was shining & the wind was blowing but I was out ob da cage & being cuddled by this warm, squishy hoomin wif soft hands & words.

We got in a car & I did sit in my new bed on the passenger seat. The 2nd hoomin who I now no is my Aunty Rezzi did kiss me good bye & da 1st hoomin did sit behind the wheel & say ‘It’s time to go home’. Dis be my mum, she gibs welly good cuddles & lots of treats.

We went home but had to make a stop at Murphy Bros to get food & I did get be carried in der too, mum said so I didn’t get scared fur it was a busy, scary day.

Back in da car den the next stop was my new home.

Der was so many gwat sniffs to sniff & fings to explore but I was tired & had a nap on my new hoomin mums lap.

Dat first day was amazing, I had so many fings to learn, I was so busy I didn’t eat a fing, dat seemed to worry mum but I was just too busy & not a hungry pup.

When da sun went down I didn’t has to go back to the cage shop but I did sleep in a special dog bed fur da first time. It was right next to mums bed so I could see her & smell her.

I falled fast asleep & was a amazing first day wif my new hoomin.

….Den at 2am I woked up…. mum did take me outside fur to do a wee, after a lot of sniffing I did a wee in da garden, I got a treat, so cool. At da cage shop you just did wees in da cage & no treats. 

We went back inside & my lubly hoomin said good girl, good Charlotte, you did a weewee. Gosh my hoomin talked lots but I lubed her already 😉

Back in da bedroom mum did put me back in my new bed, but I wasn’t tired & I did want to be wif her so after a while she did let me cuddle her in da big hoomin bed. Was so fun, I could run around da bed, chew her hands. Fur some reason she said it was sleeping time. cwazy hoomin, it was party time but I cuddled her & we slept.

Den da sun came up on my second day ob hasing a hoomin who was my mum. I neba went back to dat cage shop & I did has so many fun fings to learn.

Night pals, dat was my first day ob my new Charlotte life. We found out my old name was skipper, lucky my Aunty Rezzi did suggest Charlotte fur it is my perfect name.

Fanks fur reading my bloggy, is a bit long but was a busy day.

Lub & licks 


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  1. Annie permalink
    September 27, 2010 12:07 pm

    Dear Charsey, Ma and I loved to read the story of how you and your hooman found each other. It is so touching and we love to hear it. You are one lucky doggie and it is so lovely to know you on Twitter! Love your furiend AnnieBella021

    • September 27, 2010 1:07 pm

      Fank u Annie Bella & Ma,

      I do be welly lucky dat mum did find me & we has a gwat life 🙂

      Lub Charlotte

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