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Da early days

September 27, 2010

When I was bery ittle mum did stay at home wif me all da days. She & I did spend 3 weeks training & playing before she did has to go back to dis fing she does called work.

I had what is called Anxiety, which means I did be super happy all da time if mum was wif me but I be bery sad if she was not where I could see her.

Mum did say that I is going to sound sooky la la & embarrass her by saying I want to be wif her all da time, I did has to put my head in da shower wif her & sometimes I did jump in da baf just to be wif her. I did also need to go wif her if she did go to da toilet. (Mum didn’t want to rite dat or to say I did has to sit on her lap, she said if u rite dat I do go red like a tomato but is da truf & truf can hurt)

I did has so many new hoomins to met too. My Aunty Rezzi who I did met at da shop do be my next faborite hoomin & mum did make her pwomise she would look after me if mum couldn’t. Because she so lubberly I did get to go bisit at her house & her work & she always gibbed me gwat hugs. SHe not mum but she welly gwat too.

My grandma do be fun too, she do be lubbing anipals but not like being der mummy, she say has had too many hoomin babies to look after anipal babies. But she do be lubbing hasing me to play when I bery ittle, she tooked lots of fotos like mum did. Mum said I was too quick to get bery good fotos ob except when I was snoozing.

I had lots to learn, I had a new bed & bowl. I went to da Vet a few times a week for a cuddle wif da nurses & stand on da scales to see how much I was growing. I got a real surprise when I found out da Vet do not always be so nice & sometimes u feel really sick when u do see da Vet.

I also learned to sit, stay, heel, walk on a lead, come & eben heeling off the lead & turning. I learnt to put my seatbelt on & how fun it is to go in da car, I could be going to buy really nommy noms, to my Aunty or Grandmas or to a welly good park. Da car be welly so fun. Mum said I so smart but then I went into my teenage weeks & I stopped listening to mum fur I did be grown up now 😉

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