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Please help find Charlotte and Archie their perfect family

September 24, 2015

The saying is no news is good news. But sometimes that is not the case.

My friends know that giving the pups, Charlotte and Archie up for adoption is the last thing I want to do but I can’t see how I can get them back. They have been in kennels for 6 weeks with no end in sight. I think it is better for them to settle into a new home as I have no idea when I will be able to find a home. I have deliberately not stated where they are for various reasons but might ask a key person to let people know.

Charlotte is a nearly 8 years old spoodle with 2/10 level separation anxiety. She is lovely but gets upset when you leave & makes a fuss when you get home. But perfectly happy while you are out.

Archie is a 7 year old Schnoodle who has adopted from the RSPCA about 4 years ago. He is very easy going and will do anything to please you.

Both are well trained and enjoy attending obedience classes. They both love children of all ages and love meeting new people and dogs. Both walk well on the lead using head collars. Charlotte is great off the lead but Archie wanders off to mark on every tree or bollard.

It breaks my heart to rehome them because they are the best part of me and my family. They have got me through so much and I have failed them.
My physical and mental health are not much better and I am struggling to look after myself. I have no confidence that I could find and keep a job that would let us be back together. I can’t actually cover the expenses that I have let alone save for renting a new house.

For me this is giving up and admitting that I just won’t be able to fix this situation.

Charlotte and Archie deserve so much better. And I will never be able to give them that.

I will call tomorrow and ask them to be moved to the adoptions area and hope they can be rehomed together, Charlotte is much calmer with Archie and he is a lovable doofus who copies some of her bad habits but they are gorgeous and very trainable.

All their equipment would be available for the person who adopts them:

2x crates with good quality bedding

2x thundershirts incase you have a noisy roof during storms or for fireworks.

Grooming supplies, scissors, clippers, nail trimmers. Archie needs to be sedated to be groomed which a vet can explain.
It breaks my heart to do this as Charlotte and Archie and my family and what I love most in the world.

But I am in a terrible position, I will be homeless again on Saturday and even if I wasn’t so stressed my back and mental health give me no confidence I could find and keep a job.

Please don’t think I will be suddenly swanning around, I still have no place to live and can not cover my own costs of living and certainly can’t afford more mental health support. This is the end of the line for me, I have tried and failed.

i hope they can be rehomed together and will make sure their equipment is ready for them.

Thank you for your support. IMG_5315 IMG_4347

Here we are supervising mum studying. It helps her a lot.

Here we are supervising mum studying. It helps her a lot.

Here I am helping mum relax, its a hard job but I'm good at it.

Here I am helping mum relax, its a hard job but I’m good at it.


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