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Please help us find our new family; update

September 25, 2015

Edited. Because a few people have asked about donations I am linking to the place that has been caring for the pups this links to their donation page that has paypal. They are an amazing charity. At this stage I am not able to pay the kennel fees, I will be sending a lot of my household belongings to auction next week to cover it. But if anyone does want to help these guys really could do with the help and they have taken amazing care of Charlotte and Archie.

Update: We are in Melbourne, Australia.

Thank you to the many people who have shared our blog already, you are very kind.

Some have asked about donating and if anyone would like to, then the costs of them being in kennels has been an expense I have not been able to meet. Email for details of where to direct donations too. The organisation that has been helping does an amazing job with many animals in need. They run a program that is very close to our hearts that helped us stay with mum in the past.

Mostly we want to talk about the kind of family that would be good for us. And can we be split up?

Can we be rehomed separately? No is the short answer. Charlotte gets a lot of comfort and reassurance from Archie and while he would probably be fine, she needs her brother. So i am really hoping they can be rehomed together.

I have a physical disability and mental health issues, they have coped with that well. They are very aware of what is going on and on days I have not been able to get out of bed they have cuddled up with me, gone to play with their toys and come back. They are adaptable, caring and resilient. When I was better they would often come with me to work as a nanny and they adore children and assume all children are there to play with them.
We both love kids, we love long walks but we are also total lapdogs who love nothing more than snuggling up with mum. We both are very tolerant of small children and will wander off if it gets a bit much. We are both de-sexed, microchipped and in good health. While we love kids and teenagers, what we really need is a family who understand it will take a little while for us to settle in and that Charlotte is really smart and if left to her own devices she gets anxious. So someone who won’t leave us for too long at a time and does enriching activities when home with us. For us that could be a walk in the morning and evening and just watching you adoringly while you relax watching TV. But we would love entertaining kids too.

We are not crate trained to sleep but we are for times when we need to be contained like if a trades person is at the door. We will bark but once we have met them we think they are great. But we will want to stay with our humans. Our crates are a nice place to rest and watch from too. Mum had one set up under her desk and one in the bedroom for Charlotte. Because Charlotte likes to think she is the boss, it’s good for her to have a nice cosy spot and wait to be invited to cuddle up.

Both of us are sleeping on the bed dogs, Archie quite likes the floor in warm weather. But mum lost that battle the second night I, Charlotte was home. I could jump up on the bed and have ever since.

We are able to use a doggy door and are both housetrained even if during heavy rain Archie will try to pretend he is going to melt if he goes outside. We have never been dogs who have been left outside, we have always had access inside and out.

We like to play with our toys, chase a ball, generally not give it back so have a few ready for us to chase is mum’s advice. We love tug of war, squeaky toys and Charlotte loves to water retrieve.

Charlotte does have separation anxiety and takes Lovan daily. Lot of exercise, routine and being predictable is what is best for her. She is very happy in general but some situations are more stressful for her, she does not like to be tied up outside shops on a walk, she will cope but best to avoid if possible. Leaving and arriving is the other big one. Have your things ready to go and out the door without fuss is the best advice. A treat is great but Archie will probably eat it.

Health: Both are in rude good health, they could do with a raw marrow bone regularly for their teeth, which are in great condition.

Archie as an ex stray will always love food and appear hungry. He eats from a maze bowl and has some of the loaf style food for Charlotte’s in a kong. Keeping him eating slowly is a good thing. They eat separately, Archie mainly has diet kibble and Charlotte a loaf style food because she is more fussy.

They both are hypoallergenic but need their coats looked after. Charlotte tolerates brushing, nail clipping, trimming of her face, paw & rear end fur. Archie will let you brush him a little if offered a treat. But he is otherwise needing to be sedated for grooming.

Archie does not like having his paws or rear end handled. He doesn’t like to lose control of his body if that makes sense. You can pat his paws but he will tell you when he has had enough with a head bonk or possibly a gentle mouthing of your hand.

Charlotte is a fussy eater and almost always on the slim side. When she was a puppy she had Fanconi’s type syndrome caused by some chicken jerky that was recalled. It caused kidney damage that she was lucky to survive and has shown no lasting effects. But it is important that she eats & she needs tempting to eat. She is more of a grazer but that is not possible in a multiple dog household so she has a high value loaf style food, she eats away from Archie in a quiet area.

They are beautiful dogs whom I have enjoyed every minute of having in my life. My heart is breaking but we have no place to go & no hope that things will change.

As I said last time I will make all their gear available. They have pretty much everything they could ever need but I realize some might prefer to get new things in the hope of settling them into their new home. That of course is respected but if there is something they already own then if it saves money please take it. The rest will be donated.

I can be contacted via email I am happy to answer further questions and will give my number via email if requested.

Thanks on behalf of Charlotte and Archie IMG_2041 IMG_2004 IMG_1788 IMG_1780 IMG_1582 IMG_1492 IMG_1132

Here I am helping mum relax, its a hard job but I'm good at it.

Here I am helping mum relax, its a hard job but I’m good at it.

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