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Operation get us to mum!

September 28, 2015

Edit: The hard truth of needing to stick with Uni and not let the financial need dictate taking poorly paid, distracting and derailing jobs over my commitment to Uni has been made a lot clearer.

I have been thinking, I will just get a full time job. But the reality is the things I can do just don’t earn that much and it will keep the cycle going even longer.

So trying to work out the fine line of being able to complete Uni as fast as I can & working with my limitations but have enough money to do what is best for me psychologically, living alone with the pups….

Thank you to all our friends who have read our blog, shared it, sent messages and support. It has been overwhelming and there are not words to describe how amazing it feels to understand how much love there is for our little family.

One of the things that I really want to express is my shame and regret for so publically breaking down. I don’t want to frighten people but I know that is part of the consequences of my actions. I am very sorry for any distress i have caused people. For a long time my online friends have been my saviours. The people there in the darkest hours of the night when my PTSD is raging, you offer me comfort, fun, friendship and laughter in times I desperately need it. I thank you all so much for that.

But now on to the plans…

Mum really can’t live without us, the last few months have been so hard, it seems like the wise thing to do because of all that is against us being together to rehome us but without us mum has fallen in a very big heap and it is taking a lot of effort to get her back up. She needs our snuggles and some good walkies.

Our Grandma is now able to understand how important we are to mum, her psychiatrist and psychologist both want us to be with mum and think it’s very important. She is not firmly committed to helping in any practical way yet but is getting her head around it all, which is a huge start.

It does seem like the wrong way around to be looking for a home when mum doesn’t have a job but because of her mental and physical health issues setting up healthy routines at home and feeling safe means everything else will fall into place much better.

Mum is looking at some places tomorrow. While the finances are still up in the air and will be scrambling for every bit of help there is available as well as selling everything that isn’t bolted down. As long as it’s not our toys then we are ok with that, oh and not the bed, we like to stretch out and snore on that.

Privacy is a massive issue due to the domestic violence we escaped a few years ago. Friends are lending mum an old phone to use for listing things for sale so her number isn’t being given out.
Selling things that have been really hard to get and mum loves is hard, but mum has lost everything before and knows what really matters. We need to be back together and can do without a lot of things to make that happen.

Mum is also requesting the retirement savings she has, it’s not fast but helps. There is a no interest loan from Mum’s Uni that she might be eligible for. The welfare agencies that help with housing crises have been called and waiting to hear back.

There is a good chance that mum won’t be eligible for help because very strict percentage of income tests are used which don’t reflect the actual cost of renting. But hopefully there will be some help.

Our kennel and vet bill from Charlotte’s dislocated shoulder was at $1870 yesterday. Mum has been paying a small amount each fortnight but also paying storage costs and her medical costs.

Paying that is the first priority but getting the first months rent and bond together is also top priority. Mum will be applying for homes tomorrow in the attitude that she will find a way to make it happen if we get approved.

There are people who have offered to help with costs and mum will be in contact in the next day or so. She is trying to work out a way to be able to paypal straight to the kennels but have them know it’s for us.

She has already got a little bit of ongoing nanny work set up to start next week. Friends are helping with her resume and grandma helped get an interview outfit today.

Mum is missing us so much but much more confident.

She is trying to minimize the amount of changes for us, people have offered to foster us but due to Charlotte’s anxiety, needing medication and being unsettled she would rather move us straight into our new home rather than having too many changes.

Thank you everyone xox

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  1. October 13, 2015 10:04 pm

    We do loves you all, Charshy ‘n Archie ‘n mama … please let us know how we can help to make this happen for you xx

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