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Update – Operation get the pups home

October 6, 2015

Hi everyone,

I wanted to update people on what it going on as so many have been so helpful & asked how they can help with getting Charlotte and Archie home.

This morning I paid my whole centrelink payment for the fortnight to pay a chunk of the kennel fees. I paid $600, there is $1599 still outstanding. While I have explained a few times that I am homeless & struggling they haven’t until today offered to look at reducing the fee. They are going to talk to the CEO today. It is not a given but it is something that hadn’t been an option before.

People have asked about helping with the costs, you can pay directly via the phone if in Australia, email me & I will give you the number. Or you can donate to my paypal or bank account. My email is my paypal address email for bank account details or the phone number of the kennels.

I applying for temp, casual, part time & full time jobs. It seems to be one step forward, two steps back. I am also selling anything non essential that will raise money, yesterday I sold two things for $250. I will buy the prescription medication I need $60 & some basic other items but then the rest will go to the kennel fees too. I have lots of other things listed for sale too. Fingers crossed. I have got over the fear of having my phone number out there & email address too, I can change them later.

I am currently staying at my parents, I have again asked them that the pups come here. It would have to be temporary as I am sleeping on the couch at the moment, but they know & love being here.

Charlotte is depressed & while it isn’t perfect being at my parents is better for her now.

Hopefully with reduced costs I will be able to find suitable housing soon too.

I am writing this as I am on the phone to Centrelink (social services) talking about getting a disability pension & releasing my superannuation (retirement savings). I am trying to get job seeking help too, as it has run out after two years, I have only seen the person in Melbourne twice in the year she was supposedly providing service.

One step forward, two steps back. It’s the tango of life. I am really trying to stay positive but just want the pups with me.

My Psychiatrist wants me to find a home for the pups & I. Then when I have a stable base other things will be a lot easier.

Thank everyone for their support & friendship. I have been overwhelmed by the incredible kindness people have shown me & the pups.

From Freya IMG_0614 IMG_0808 IMG_2135 IMG_2393

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