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The no news update

October 12, 2015

So I have nothing to report, I am meant to pick up the pups by today but can’t as I don’t have anywhere to take them & can not pay the outstanding fees of $625.

Thank you to the friend who paid a substantial amount last week. I also paid all of my study payment to them but even with the discount they have given & that money it is not enough.

They were coming to my parents house, who were assisting but as is my parents way that is no longer an option.

I have no idea what to do as I am too depressed to think of anything I haven’t already tried. I have spoken to everyone who is supposed to be able to help. They admit they have limited help available & none that fits my needs.

My back is really bad for a number of reasons, so while I am online & applying for jobs I am not actually able to dress myself or shower today. Just the reality that I live with & at the moment really difficult.

I am really not sure what to do, camping in the garden at my parents was the compromise which is horrible in many ways but meant I could have the pups back. Now I really need to find somewhere else for myself let alone the pups.

I am hoping they can stay another day, I am sure the shelter won’t say no to that but then I still don’t have an answer. I won’t be paid for another week and a half. Without a job I have no chance of getting the money together for a new home. The kind but factual woman assisting with emergency & long term housing options agreed there is nothing/very little available for singles & nothing I could have the pups with me or is any good for my mental health.

My mental health is obviously really bad & anything to improve it costs money I don’t have.

Thank you for the people who have supported me & sorry i have continued to fail.

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